How Co-nexus Helps Car Dealerships


How Co-nexus Helps Auto Dealerships


Technology for auto dealerships can be a little overwhelming. There are multiple departments throughout the organization who need to communicate in different ways. More importantly, it’s a customer facing sales business with demand for someone to be able to respond to customer inquiries at all times. If you miss a call, you lose a customer. Some clients are looking to make a large purchase for a new vehicle while others may be looking to have their current automobile serviced. Being able to handle call volume, provide key metrics, control inventory and maintain the happiness of customers allows a business to thrive.


  • Sales - Mobility ensures salespeople never miss a customer call. Because the consumer now has information available online, when they finally call a salesperson – they expect someone to help them instantly. People are interested in a having a quicker more pleasant experience which is achieved by enabling your sales team with the proper tools.

  • Parts - In bound call control and productivity metrics ensures the maximum amount of part sales.

  • Self-serve service functionality keeps clients informed and frees up service staff.

If you are anticipating changes within your auto dealership in the next twelve months, it’s a great time to reach out to us for a discussion. We can help you review your current services, provide network design and start building a long-term relationship to help your dealership. Reach out to us today and we’ll put one of our experts in touch with you!

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