Applying the Golden Rule to Your Contact Center

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Applying the Golden Rule to Your Contact Center

The golden rule is to treat others the way that you want to be treated, however in customer service departments… this doesn’t happen on every contact. Customers call in with a question or problem only to sit on long holds, being transferred from department to department, or repeatedly give the same information over and over. Twenty minutes later, the customer is frustrated and wants to give up. Contact center environments need to have technology in place that maximizes their service in each interaction. Faster response times and call resolutions equates to happier clients. Happy clients come back for more service in the future. Here are three strategies you can apply to your contact center to treat them better:

  1. First contact resolution – Customers do not want to be shifted from one person to another. Being able to have internal tools for your agents to be able to get information and answers to customers without having to transfer is critical in maintaining an efficient contact center. Chatting with other experts within the company is a great way to resolve things.
  2. Know your customer – When a client dials in or contacts a company via email or web submission, the inquiry needs to quickly re-route to the department that can assist the customer.If an email is being submitted to the company, a customer is looking for acknowledgement their email was received or the customer may think they are not valuable as a client.
  3. Don’t make them repeat – There is nothing worse than a customer entering their account number or information and immediately repeating back to the live contact on the phone the same information they typed. The faster the account information is routed to the contact center agent, less time is spent on customer interactions and quicker resolution. Furthermore, the customer gains trust with the company’s service center and is more likely to remain loyal.

These fundamental strategies are primary concerns of dynamic call centers. Co-nexus can help you gain insight to applying these strategies by simply having a conversation with us. Click below to have a representative reach out to you!