Cloud Corner: Recognizing the Benefits of Cloud - Supporting Multiple Locations

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Communication systems must support remote works from different locations. Some of these include being able to operate as a teleworker, out of the country or even in a temporary office. They share similar requirements to in office desk workers but without the same support.

Legacy private branch exchanges are usually cost prohibitive for smaller locations of workers. Instead they are equipped with systems that do not have the same features of business communication system. Connection to the main office or a VPN tunnel can have an impact on the quality of voice calls. It’s important for remote workers to be able to be able to communicate just like someone sitting in the office.

Creating a virtual communication system across remote locations using cloud helps extend the same features a business location to all sites. Hosted cloud communication treats all customers the same. It completely eliminates location from the equation and gives them the features they need to be productive, efficient and give their clients great customer service.

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