Five Things to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Phone System

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Buying a phone system is a major investment for any business. It involves changing the business communicates. Communication is key to retaining customers, maintaining vendor relationships and employees collaborating. Your calls are the lifeline of your business. As you evaluate a purchase of this size and scale, it’s important to consider how you plan to make the purchase, what functionality will work best for you and which vendor will you help provide the hardware, software and installation. Here are five questions to ask yourself before making a purchase:

  1. Does my business operate on a CapEx or OpEx budget? If your company is looking to make a capital expenditure, then bring it up at the beginning of evaluating vendors so they can recommend the right pricing. This can also help during negotiation and upfront costs. On the other hand, if you are looking to pay monthly and over a period of time, it may make sense to evaluate hosted or leasing options. Knowing how you would like to pay will help your vendors help you better.
  2. What do I need my phone system to accomplish? For some, being mobile and having the ability to switch effortlessly between a desk, cell phone and tablet will enable them to never miss an interaction. For others, having collaboration tools for their internal team is necessary to increase efficiency and produce more work in less time. Start with the end in mind by making a wish list of things you would like to see within your business.
  3. Who will support and troubleshoot when a problem occurs? Does your business have internal staff to support when a change needs to be implemented or do you have limited technical resources? Who will be responsible for acting as a liaison with your vendor? This is a critical factor in choosing the right vendor with the right support. If an administrative staff member is the person who handles anytime a voicemail or extension number needs changing, then your business may need a vendor with high availability when it comes to answering questions.
  4. How will we be able to implement with the least impact to daily operations? Implementations are time consuming and impactful. Will you need to hire an additional resource? How will you check
  5. How do I give my employees a competitive advantage? The world is changing and people expect immediate response. Do my people have the tools to be competitive in a quick paced world. Never miss a call and you’ll never miss a client.

Are you looking to make a purchase due to a move or renovation? We have a checklist that will help aid you in being prepared for carriers, communications and setting up the infrastructure. You can read more about it by clicking the button below.

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