SD-WAN and the Impact on Voice Technology

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Integrated networks are on the rise for this year. SD-WAN solutions allow technology to deploy and manage easily over multiple locations. SD-WAN (stands for software-defined wide area networks) allow branch locations to seamlessly connect via multiple connections to ensure optimal application performance. In short, it gives a company the opportunity to simplify their network and run applications through multiple carriers. Voice Technology is changing as more and more companies have hybrid and cloud environments along with an assortment of different types of users.

Some of these users are sitting at headquarters on the network while other users work in a remote location or a branch office. Providing a way to run voice on a software application opposed to legacy hardware based equipment offers more control from a management perspective. Here are three reasons to consider moving your voice communications to an application-based system:

  1. Resiliency – Voice virtualization provides multiple egress paths in the event a network or carrier connections fail.
  2. Application Focus – Moving voice to software provides a single pane of glass for centrally managing and configuring. This positively impacts how a company spends their time and resources.
  3. Flexibility – Regardless of location or network, all users can have the same features and benefits available to them through unified communications.

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