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Is Free Wifi a Good Idea?

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Wifi is available everywhere you look. You can easily login to many networks for free to utilize while you are eating lunch, having a cup of coffee or even waiting on an appointment. But is it really a safe option?

Is it harmful to your devices, files, and business? There are many risks associated with free wifi. You have to make sure you take the necessary precautions to protect your data when you are on an unknown network. Here are a few things to consider the next time you log on to free wifi:

  • Free wifi does not protect your device - It's easy to hack because it's on a shared connection with nothing in between your device and a hacker's device. Any device on a free wifi network is unsecured and accessible. This leaves you open to identity theft if you store credit card information, passwords, or social security information on your device.
  • Beware of malware -  A hacker can connect to your device and install malware on your computer if you use network file sharing. This will infect your computer and the hacker can easily steal data.

Loss of information or the infection of a virus can result in a huge impact to your company's bottom line. It threatens compliance regulations, such as, protecting customer information or payment information. It can also cause your IT team to to put in extra labor hours to fix the device. Finally, it add so much risk to revealing sensitive information.There are a few ways you can protect your devices and decrease the chances of losing valuable company information. These include:

  • Install sufficient anti-virus protection on all computers
  • Turn off sharing when off-site
  • Set up a VPN connection to access network files or applications
  • Turn off wifi when not in use

Are you curious about other ways to protect your infrastructure? We take the headache out of creating better business continuity. Reach out to us today and we'll make sure the right person is put in touch with you!