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Five Levels of Quality Monitoring in the Contact Center

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Five Levels of Quality Monitoring in the Contact Center

Quality monitoring in a contact center requires strategic planning and execution. There are different methods to ensuring your agents are following proper policies and procedures. A contact center that is using full automation for call recording and performance evaluation allows supervisors to be able to coach, grade and provide effective feedback. In turn, employees stick and the business grows due loyal customers. Let's take a look at the different levels of quality monitoring:

  1. Walk Around Observation - This is the most basic method of quality monitoring. Supervisors walk around the floor observing and giving feedback as needed. The problem with this method is a supervisor can only hear what the agent is saying. To get full disclosure of the conversation, the supervisor needs to hear both sides including what the customer has to say. The other issue with this type of quality monitoring is that a supervisor is managing many employees at once and may miss a key conversation when their attention is with another employee.
  2. Side by Side - Side by side monitoring allows the monitor to sit beside the agent while they are on a call. Similar to walk around observation, the monitor can only listen to the employee's side of the conversation and not the customer's side. Because the conversation is live, the monitor is not able to rewind if they need to review.
  3. Silent Monitoring - Refered to as the practice of managers listening to the agents call from another location. It allows the supervisor to hear the call and take notes for performance reviews later on. 
  4. Record and Review - Recording and reviewing a call gives a supervisor the ability to listen and playback calls for later use. Calls can be recorded through the phone system or software. 
  5. Evaluate Voice and Screen Recording - This is the most advanced method of quality monitoring. By electing to add the screen recording functionality, your agent's desktop activity is recorded as a full motion video and then automatically synchronized with the recorded phone call upon playback. One of the benefits for using this method is having the ability to identify workflow issues to reduce handle time.

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What's the Biggest Problem in a Contact Center?

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What's the Biggest Problem in a Contact Center

What do you think the biggest problem in a contact center is? Employee retention and attrition. Employee turnover plagues a contact center's bottom line. Customer service employees are expensive to train, coach and develop.

They also handle a company's most valuable asset - customers. Agent retention is dependent on the ability to receive effective training and coaching. Being able to record and report on calls with timely feedback provides agents with the ability to give customer's better service. When an employee feels confident about their job, they perform higher and want to work harder. Customer calls are answered faster, given better service and the employee feels like they did a good job. When an employee is able to review feedback quickly, they can make immediate adjusts and it allows them to receive positive reinforcement on what they did right. Here are three ways call recording and reporting affect agent retention:

  1. Take a recorded call and turn into a training opportunity - Recording calls allow an organization to ensure policy and procedure adherence. The call can be quickly reviewed and then a grading form can be utilized to show an agent how they did or did not follow procedures. Timely feedback turns into the opportunity for a supervisor to recognize where learning gaps exist. Once a gap has been identified the manager can provide follow up training and coaching.
  2. Create value for an agent through call recording - Whether you are trying to identify trends in speech or simply giving an agent positive feedback, call recording allows managers to create better value for their agents. A manager or agent can easily locate, listen and grade a call with the click of a button.
  3. Give employees tools that are easy to use to provide a better environment - Happy employees are productive employees. When a user can easily nagivate through a software program and locate the information they need, it provides the business with better results. The employee is efficient and effective through the use of their tools which creates better customer relationships and keeps employee retention high.

Many software programs record calls, but many do not have easy to use tools or simple searching and grading capabilities. Want to learn more about best practices in the contact center? Check out 5 Things Your Competition is Doing in the Contact Center.

Customer Service Needs Hasn't Changed in 62 Years

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Recently, Co-nexus stumbled upon this article about customer service from an old Chevrolet Service News publishing. It was dated December, 1955. We started thinking about how technology has enhanced and impacted the a customer's experience. Although in its design technology is supposed to help a client and a business communicate better, it doesn't always work out that way. If not strategically designed, it has the opposite effect on customer service. As technology develops more and more to create efficiency within a business environment, the customer can be left to fend for themselves. Technology cannot replace human interaction, but enhance it and make everyone's life a little easier. 

Customer stickiness starts and ends with the customer being confident in the services or products a business offers. A good example of this is in the article we found from Chevrolet stating, "Through his contact with you, he forms his opinion, good or bad, of the dealership, the factory and the product. You must continually strive to increase his confidence in you because you want him to bring service problems to you and to think of you when he thinks of service." The way your business communicates must build confidence within the customer. Customers need quick ways of reaching the necessary contact. They do not want to explain themselves over and over if they need to be transferred to a different person. Auto-attendants sometimes create a maze for a customer when they make a call, instead of getting the client to the person who can help them. Furthermore, there's nothing more infuriating to a customer than being placed on hold with music for an extended amount of time. Communication features need to enhance the customer experience or your clients will be lost to the competition.

Many customers will walk away from a business if they do not feel they are receiving adequate quality and service. Chevrolet continues in this article, "If you carry out your responsibilities with reference to good workmanship then good customer relations will be the natural result." Being responsible and responsive to your clients, keeps them coming back for more. You must efficiently provide service to help them, so they can move on with other life responsibilities. The workmanship must be good quality, otherwise it costs the customer in time and the customer loses trust in your company.

However, it's important during the process of gaining efficiency to not lose sight of the need for human interaction. Customers remain loyal through relationship building. Whether they are looking to make a purchase now or in the future they need to feel valued. A business who provides ways of going "beyond a formal relationship" to make the customer feel like they are going to be taken care of keeps the customer for the long-term. Chevrolet states, "This approach to the problem will take a little more time and effort on your part, and in many cases, can avoid time consuming complaints later on." The more effort you make to solve a customer's problem, the more likely they will end up buying from you and returning later. It begins with making them feel like you are helpful, not making them feel like they are just another person walking in the door.

If you would like to read more about how Co-nexus Helps Car Dealerships, check out our blog post. Also, if you would like to download the full article from 1955, click the button below. 

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How Co-nexus Helps Car Dealerships

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How Co-nexus Helps Car Dealerships

Technology for car dealerships can be a little overwhelming. There are multiple departments throughout the organization who need to communicate in different ways. More importantly, it’s a customer facing sales business with demand for someone to be able to respond to customer inquiries at all times. If you miss a call, you lose a customer. Some clients are looking to make a large purchase for a new vehicle while others may be looking to have their current automobile serviced. Being able to handle call volume, provide key metrics, control inventory and maintain the happiness of customers allows a business to thrive.

  • Sales - Mobility insures sales people never miss a customer call. Because the consumer now has information available online, when they finally call a sales person – they expect someone to help them instantly. People are impatient and expect immediate answers. If your salesperson does not answer the call then guess what – the next dealership is called. We let customer calls be extended to the proper personnel – no matter where they are and what device they have. They can answer the business call from their desk phone, their cell phone, or even their tablet or laptop. A great customer experience is achieved by enabling your sales team with the proper tools.
  • Parts – The parts department is a real money maker in a call dealership. Calls can not be missed, they have too many options on places to buy the parts. Technology insures that calls get presented to the right personnel in a timely manner and provides metrics on how the company and each individual employee is doing on the customer service front.  
  • Service – Service writers handle most of their traffic in two brief windows of time. Dealerships need to insure that customers can get to their service writers in a timely manner – they want answers and they want them now. We can have different routing protocols for different periods of the day and/or handling extreme call traffic peaks. Technology helps smooth out the peaks and makes for calmer customers and service writers. 

If you are anticipating changes within your business environment in the next twelve months, it’s a great time to reach out to us for a discussion. We can help you review your current services, provide network design for merging companies and start building a long term relationship to help your dynamic business. Reach out to us today and we’ll put one of our experts in touch with you!


How Co-nexus Helps Banks

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How Co-nexus Helps Banks

The customers for a financial institution are getting more and more demanding. When they need help they may contact you in many different ways. They may call you on the telephone, send an email, do a web chat, or even leave a voice mail message. So how do you take on the plethora of options while at the same time maximizing your employees and being sure your technology is secure. Banks have a need for both advanced communications. They are a highly-regulated industry requiring a way to connect internally and externally. They usually have multiple locations and need resiliency to communicate with their clients. Also, a bank needs to be able to control how their employees follow regulations and policies. All the while, they need to be able to minimize administration costs for changes in moving, leasing or adding new locations. Here are three ways Co-nexus helps banks:

  • Eliminates inter-branch long distance charges – Being able to utilize IP trunking allows your calls to be placed over a data connection while maintaining security and protecting the call. Eliminating long distance charges is easy to do with IP trunking and allows the client to lower monthly carrier costs.
  • Ensure policy and procedure adherence for employees – Call recording and quality monitoring are important factors in the banking industry. Combining the ability to record voice and eliminating the need for phone hardware allows a bank to operate more efficiently and reduces overall costs.
  • Help your customers connect through any medium – Whether your customer is a texter or a talker, give them the ability to connect by voice, text, chat, or web.  Give your clients an easy way to connect to get their questions answered and retaining them as long term clients.

If you are anticipating changes within your business environment in the next twelve months, it’s a great time to reach out to us for a discussion. We can help you review your current services, provide network design for merging companies and start building a long term relationship to help your dynamic business. Reach out to us today and we’ll put one of our experts in touch with you!

How Co-nexus Helps the Medical Industry

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How Co-nexus Helps the Medical Industry

The healthcare industry is on the rise and with so many departments, compliance regulations and moving parts - voice infrastructure and call recording can be cumbersome. From nurse triage, access centers, ambulance services and pharmacies to back end administrative needs - the list just goes on and on. Co-nexus has been helping customers streamline and integrate their telephony needs. Marrying the need to record for regulatory purposes and unifying all communications through a single platform creates a better way of doing business. Here are three ways Co-nexus helps out the medical industry:

  • Departments - Varying services a hospital system provides creates a variety of needs communication wise. A nurse triage is going to have different needs from an ambulatory service. A communication system that can meta-morph and adapt to all types of business needs creates a more efficient and profitable environment.
  • Administrative - Billing and collection services have specific requirements in regards to quality monitoring. Furthermore, hospital organizations have procedures around patient discharge records. It's important to ensure all procedures are being properly followed. That's where Co-nexus can assist! We can help your organization record all calls and give you monitoring tools that help coach your employees properly.
  • Compliance and Security - Maintaining HIPAA and PCI compliance is a need for all healthcare information for a medical organization to sustain. Being able to capture information, store it properly and find it in times of need is a must for the medical industry. Call recording and quality monitoring software can assist in our clients being able to protect information, while maintaining the records required for regulatory compliance. Our system is easy to use, adopt and helps you find the information when you need it the most.

If you are anticipating changes within your business environment in the next twelve months, it’s a great time to reach out to us for a discussion. We can help you review your current services, provide network design for merging companies and start building a long term relationship to help your dynamic business. Reach out to us today and we’ll put one of our experts in touch with you!

Applying the Golden Rule to Your Contact Center

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Applying the Golden Rule to Your Contact Center

The golden rule is to treat others the way that you want to be treated, however in customer service departments… this doesn’t happen on every contact. Customers call in with a question or problem only to sit on long holds, being transferred from department to department, or repeatedly give the same information over and over. Twenty minutes later, the customer is frustrated and wants to give up. Contact center environments need to have technology in place that maximizes their service in each interaction. Faster response times and call resolutions equates to happier clients. Happy clients come back for more service in the future. Here are three strategies you can apply to your contact center to treat them better:

  1. First contact resolution – Customers do not want to be shifted from one person to another. Being able to have internal tools for your agents to be able to get information and answers to customers without having to transfer is critical in maintaining an efficient contact center. Chatting with other experts within the company is a great way to resolve things.
  2. Know your customer – When a client dials in or contacts a company via email or web submission, the inquiry needs to quickly re-route to the department that can assist the customer.If an email is being submitted to the company, a customer is looking for acknowledgement their email was received or the customer may think they are not valuable as a client.
  3. Don’t make them repeat – There is nothing worse than a customer entering their account number or information and immediately repeating back to the live contact on the phone the same information they typed. The faster the account information is routed to the contact center agent, less time is spent on customer interactions and quicker resolution. Furthermore, the customer gains trust with the company’s service center and is more likely to remain loyal.

These fundamental strategies are primary concerns of dynamic call centers. Co-nexus can help you gain insight to applying these strategies by simply having a conversation with us. Click below to have a representative reach out to you!