Managing Remote Employees to Increase Productivity

Unified CommunicationsCo-nexus Marketing

Having remote employees can help businesses grow without having to pay for overhead expenses that come with utilizing an office. Employees on the other hand save so much time by being able to avoid a daily commute which impacts their work life balance. Oftentimes, employees would prefer to be allowed to telecommute over getting a raise. But making sure that your team still stays connected and collaborates effectively requires having the right tools and management skills. Let's take a look at how to better manage remote employees:

  1. Give your employees technology that supports their communication - Start with the basics by giving your employees unified communication software. Unified communications give your employees multiple ways to use their various devices. It allows for them to instant message, email, share files, and use their devices as a soft phone.
  2. Talk to your team every single day - A key in managing your employees remotely is to stay connected with them. Entreprenuer talks about following up with them after meetings to give feedback. Ask them daily about what they are working on and how you can remove any barriers for them. 
  3. Have regularly scheduled meetings with face time - Use video conferencing to enhance your interactions for team meetings. Not only make it a point to meet as a group, but conduct one on one meetings individually regularly. This will allow more structure for your employees and help with them being able to bounce ideas off one another or you.

Make sure your team has what they need to get the job done effectively! Thinking about upgrading your phone system to make your employees more collaborative, check out this post on Five Things to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Phone System.