Three Reasons to Consider Buying an On-Premise Phone System

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With all of the talk about cloud and hosted phone systems these days, there are fewer conversations about on premise solutions. However, there are still some cases where moving to a hosted environment is not in a business’ best interest. We’ve compile a brief list of a few benefits on premise communication systems offer. Remember, every business operates a little differently and it’s best to sit down and evaluate your needs to ensure you are making the right decision.

  1. Local Survivability – If the internet fails, you can still operate locally with an on premise phone system because it is not reliant upon the data network for your voice communications. This allows mission critical calls to still be placed.
  2. Security Concerns via Banking or HIPAA Regulations – Many organizations who have regulatory compliance concerns look to on premise solutions with a dedicated connection to prevent hackers from accessing their voice and network.
  3. Phased Migration and Tying in an Old System – If you are looking to change from an old system to a new system with a phased approach, then you would likely need to stay on premise. That way you can utilize your existing analog circuits or other equipment that needs to connect to a physical box.

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Why Cloud?

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Cloud is a broad term these days. The cloud refers to a variety of software applications, network configurations, and communication systems. So what exactly does "cloud" mean? And why is the "cloud" important for business? Is the "cloud" safe? As more and more businesses are spreading across multiple locations and allowing employees to work remotely, the cloud is becoming more of a staple than an option.

  1. Not all cloud providers are equal - Resiliency and redundancy within a provider's network has an impact on the quality of communications.
  2. Centralized management - Being able to login to a central console to view all users, make changes and access your voice whenever and wherever is one of the biggest benefits to moving to the cloud.
  3. Get out of the hardware business - Cloud applications allow you to move away from traditional server models to just managing features and functions. You can easily streamline things in your environment and make it simple for your end users and administration teams.

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How Co-nexus Helps IT

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The IT Director wears so many different hats these days. From being inventory control to managing multiple platforms and vendors. Multiple site locations with multiple phone systems can increase the amount of headaches an IT department handles. The more problems, the less time is spent on strategic moves within your business that can increase profitability. Co-nexus helps improve the bottom line in three ways:

  1. Single software based platform – One platform with easy to use features on any device.
  2. Get out of the hardware business – Because Mitel is a software based platform, the IT department doesn’t have to handle break fixes like traditional legacy phone systems. Updates are pushed remotely to the devices.
  3. Design and Support – Co-nexus has been in the phone business for over 25 years. We design all systems before shipping to ensure they work properly. Let us do the work so you don’t have the headache!

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