Helping the Contact Center Director

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Technology is changing at a rapid speed. Customers are no longer looking to contact a call center by picking up the phone. If you aren’t keeping up with your clients needs, then it’s possible that someone else is. A really basic question to ask yourself is are you a talker or a texter? Customers are looking to contact the contact center through different mechanisms.  From sending an email to responding to an online chat, communication is changing and business must adapt. Call center support can range from an average of $6 to $12 per call or more while a Web self-service interaction can cost a company less than 10 cents to support.

74% of consumers use three or more channels for customer interactions (Ovum 2013). Being able to efficient track, report and tie together with voice communications is imperative to staying ahead of your competition. If you aren’t offering this to your customers, your competition might snag your customer. It’s especially important to make sure you appeal to all of them.

Co-nexus helps organizations bridge the gap between what customers want and how an enterprise organization is able to deliver. We specialize in the contact center environment with over 20 years of experience. Our goal is to help you simplify your contact center so your customers stay loyal and your operating costs stay down. Co-nexus helps organizations embrace the modern customer and connect to the enterprise. We simplify the customer experience and optimize mobile communication.