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6 Rules for an Inbound Contact Center

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Workforce optimization is the practice of improving and automating the overall efficiency of employees at an organization. Are you currently scheduling your employees through the use of Excel spreadsheets? Did you know that you can gain up to 30% more out of your staff by utilizing a Workforce Optimization program. Software allows organizations to be better with their time and labor which impacts the organization’s bottom line.


Here are six rules for inbound contact centers:

  1. When service levels are up, occupancy goes down
  2. As service levels improve, it will reach a point of diminishing returns
  3. For a given service level, larger agent groups are more efficient than small groups
  4. Pooled groups are better than specialized groups
  5. If you add staff the average speed of answer decreases
  6. If you add staff your trunk load goes down

One of the biggest ways you can impact your service level and keep your calls out of queue is to monitor attendance. When your team are not where they are supposed to be, your customers have to wait. Calls begin to start backing up and operations get hectic. Through the use of a workforce optimization program you can create strategies to automate processes to notify all staff when employees are needed to fill in for absentees. The staff members can easily hit accept to stay extra hours or come in on an off day. Then, the program reorganizes all of the information to create a new schedule.

If you were to not use a workforce optimization program, then it would take your managers time to call employees to come fill in. When there is a shortage of agents in the contact center calls are usually backed up and it’s difficult for a manager to step away to find the people needed. The result is service levels drop and customers become frustrated. All of this can easily be solved by implementing CXM’s Workforce Optimization solution. If you would like to learn more, check out this article titled Are Your Properly Managing Your Workforce in the Contact Center?

Are You Properly Managing Your Workforce?

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Workforce management is a struggle for many contact centers due to high turnover, attrition, shrinkage and agent adherence to schedules.

Being able to keep costs low while maintaining customer service levels can be challenging. Many organizations use spreadsheets which do not support multi-skills for agents. If you are not using a workforce management tool, you are paying more in labor than you should be or you may have calls backed up due to not having the right people in the right place. Here are a few benefits of implementing a workforce management software program:

  • Attrition: When a contact center has high attrition, as most do, a workforce management solution will help you keep the same staff if needed by placing agents in the right place at the right time to support your customer interactions. Attrition will allow you to better use your resources and you can phase out unneeded employees through natural selection. As time goes by, your organization can improve overall costs by up to 30% utilizing a workforce management tool.
  • Scheduling: Scheduling can be a challenge without workforce management. Without having a tool in place it is impossible for intra-day management to occur. As mentioned earlier excel doesn't support multi skills and therefore it's harder to cross train existing employees to support different customer needs.
  • Agent Adherence: The level of agent adherence severely improves by implement a workforce management tool. Without a tool a contact center has at most 65% of agent adherence to the schedule. Once a tool is implemented that number increases to average 75%-85% giving your contact center a huge return on investment.

Being able to improve attrition within a contact center while ensuring management is able to efficiently schedule employees helps your organization get more out of the resources and staff you already have in place. It also allows management to make better use of their time and make certain employees are taking care of customers.

We've created a checklist if you are looking to evaluate your current environment here.