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How Cloud Helps Minimize Cost to Your Communications

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Communication Systems dramatically changed over the past few years. Where CIO's and IT Directors once preferred to maintain all hardware and software in house, are now faced with the challenge of managing mulitple devices, platforms, operating systems and applications. The stress of the old break/fix model limits time and energy for the shrinking personnel in an IT department. Instead of hiring more people to assist with troubleshooting, IT resources are being limited to do doing more with less time and money. That's where cloud technology comes into play. When you move from on-premise to a hosted environment, you shift the responsibility of making changes from onsite to the hosted company and have the option to deploy a unified communications system. Here are two ways cloud can offer advantages to help your business run smoothly:

Get Your Business Out of the Phone Business

These days, hardware troubleshooting a legacy phone system is a thing of the past. When was the last time you had to make a change in your environment? How much did it cost the company in time for an internal person to physically go onsite and make that change? The cost of labor is one of the most expensive costs to a business. When you move your phone system to the cloud, you aren't just replacing your hardware. You are transitioning to a software based model that will allow changes to take place remotely from a centralized platform. Moving multiple locations to the same platform allows a company to standardize, thus creating an easier way to manage your communications. 

Communicating Isn't About Just Making a Call

These days we communicate through a variety of channels from social media to chat. Sometimes sending a quick text is easier than making a phone call. Internal communication between employees is more efficient when time lapse betweeen messages is minimized. Making sure your employees are able to shoot over a quick instant message or group chat to get an answer for a client can be done with a unified communication platform.

Making calls from any device, using any platform will give your business the boost it needs to decrease overall expenses and increase production. Co-nexus helps our customers do just that, we take your old phone system from on-premise and help transition you to a unifed platform in a hosted environment. Many of our customers are surprised by the different financing options available when changing their equipment. We'd love to chat more about your current communication costs and how transitioning to the cloud will impact your bottom line. Reach out to us today and we'll put someone in touch to give you a call!

Cloud Corner: Recognizing the Benefits of Cloud - Supporting Multiple Locations

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Communication systems must support remote works from different locations. Some of these include being able to operate as a teleworker, out of the country or even in a temporary office. They share similar requirements to in office desk workers but without the same support.

Legacy private branch exchanges are usually cost prohibitive for smaller locations of workers. Instead they are equipped with systems that do not have the same features of business communication system. Connection to the main office or a VPN tunnel can have an impact on the quality of voice calls. It’s important for remote workers to be able to be able to communicate just like someone sitting in the office.

Creating a virtual communication system across remote locations using cloud helps extend the same features a business location to all sites. Hosted cloud communication treats all customers the same. It completely eliminates location from the equation and gives them the features they need to be productive, efficient and give their clients great customer service.

Co-nexus provides on-premise, hosted cloud and hybrid systems to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Contact us today for more information!

How Do Your Customers Connect With You?

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The customer journey is key for sustaining a profitable business and keeping clients returning. These days some customers prefer to chat or email opposed to a traditional call. Being able to keep in touch with your customers the way that they need to be communicated with is the key to a successful customer journey. 

Co-nexus has a variety of solutions to help assist with customer communication. Contact center solutions are no longer reserved for only customer care. Omni-channel consumerization allows companies to leverage technology to improve the customer experience. As social media and chat are on the rise, it's so important to make sure your company is available to answer customer questions or be able to connect. 

Whether you are a help desk, call center, customer care department, or marketing team - being able to reach out to your consumers and clients in a multitude of ways seamlessly can improve your customer stickiness. Download this whitepaper discussing how contact center solutions can help your business. 

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