How Co-nexus Helps Universities


How Co-nexus Helps School Districts


Regardless of size or academic capacity, K-12 schools all share a need for reliable communications systems. Schools need to enable spontaneous and natural connections among students and faculty anytime, anywhere, on any device. For many school districts, the challenge is that budgets and IT resources rarely reflect these high expectations. As a result, school districts must endure an ongoing lesson in delivering quality on limited operating expenses.

Technology advances have created numerous options to deploy communication solutions today. Which option is right for your district? Co-nexus has the experience to aid your district in designing the best option to match both your technological and financial goals. From seamless mobility to advanced collaboration, our education solutions provide new opportunities to enhance the learning experience and improve results.

Being able to keep the personnel and students secure, while giving them features to help them better work together – is the goal of a communications systems.

Here are some of the ways Co-nexus helps school districts communicate:

  1. Unified Communication (UC) & Mobility Solutions - Business phone systems, instant messaging, chat, mobility, and video conferencing all integrated for a stronger, more efficient business.

  2. Safety Notifications - Broadcast immediate mass notifications of emergency, academic, and administrative messages to help establish a productive learning environment where you can safeguard students, staff, and educators.

  3. Productivity and Budget Control - On-premise, cloud or hybrid communication solutions, what’s right for you? Co-nexus helps school districts work through the evaluation of what is best for them, now and in the future.

Co-nexus has the experience to help today's districts communicate and can make the bid process less of a hassle with Sourcewell (formerly NJPA) pre-negotiated pricing for communication systems. You can read more about this option here.

At Co-nexus, our experience gives us the advantage of recognizing that school districts have different technology requirements and we only recommend a solution after understanding the unique needs on your staff, students, parents, and community. For almost twenty years we have worked with districts to help them select a secure, unified communications solution that will provide improved administrative efficiency, integration to current district software, and real time collaboration while enabling a safe environment. Let Co-nexus help you enhance your district’s learning experience.

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