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How Co-nexus Helps Financial Companies


The customers for a financial institution are getting more and more demanding. When they need help, they may contact you in many different ways. They may call you on the telephone, send an email, do a web chat, or even leave a voice mail message. So how do you take on the plethora of options while at the same time maximizing your employees and being sure your technology is secure. Banks have a need for both advanced communications. They are a highly regulated industry requiring a way to connect internally and externally. They usually have multiple locations and need resiliency to communicate with their clients. Also, a bank needs to be able to control how their employees follow regulations and policies. All the while, they need to be able to minimize administration costs for changes in moving, leasing or adding new locations. Here are three ways Co-nexus helps banks:


  • Eliminates inter-branch long distance charges – Being able to utilize IP trunking allows your calls to be placed over a data connection while maintaining security and protecting the call. Eliminating long distance charges is easy to do with IP trunking and allows the client to lower monthly carrier costs.

  • Ensure policy and procedure adherence for employees – Call recording and quality monitoring are important factors in the banking industry. Combining the ability to record voice and eliminating the need for phone hardware allows a bank to operate more efficiently and reduces overall costs.

  • Help your customers connect through any medium – Whether your customer prefers to text or talk on the phone, give them the ability to connect by voice, text, chat, or web. Give your clients an easy way to connect to get their questions answered and retaining them as long term clients.


If you are anticipating changes within your business environment in the next twelve months, it’s a great time to reach out to us for a discussion. We can help you review your current services, provide network design for merging companies and start building a long-term relationship to help your dynamic business. Reach out to us today and we’ll put one of our experts in touch with you!

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