How Co-nexus Helps the Medical Industry


How Co-nexus Helps Healthcare

The healthcare industry is on the rise and with so many departments, compliance regulations and moving parts - voice infrastructure and call recording can be cumbersome. From nurse triages, access centers, ambulance services and pharmacies to back end administrative needs - the list just goes on and on. Co-nexus has been helping customers streamline and integrate their telephony needs. Marrying the need to record for regulatory purposes and unifying all communications through a single platform creates a better way of doing business. Here are three ways Co-nexus helps out the medical industry:

  • Departments - Varying services a hospital system provides creates a variety of needs communication wise. A nurse triage is going to have different needs from an ambulatory service. A communication system that can adapt to all types of business needs creates a more efficient and profitable environment.

  • Administrative - Billing and collection services have specific requirements in regard to quality monitoring. Furthermore, hospital organizations have procedures around patient discharge records. It's important to ensure all procedures are being properly followed. That's where Co-nexus can assist! We can help your organization record all calls and give you monitoring tools that help coach your employees properly.

  • Compliance and Security - Maintaining HIPPA and PCI compliance is a need for all healthcare information for a medical organization to sustain. Being able to capture information, store it properly and find it in times of need is a must for the medical industry. Call recording and quality monitoring software can assist in our clients being able to protect information, while maintaining the records required for regulatory compliance. Our system is easy to use, adopt and helps you find the information when you need it the most.


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