MiCloud Communications

The cloud has changed the way the world connects and communicates. Companies are replacing the complex communications systems of the past with simple, seamless, cloud-based communications that increase productivity, reduce costs and enhance customer service. And they’re doing it with MiCloud—a powerful, scalable cloud family of platforms that delivers hosted voice, unified communications and collaboration to SMBs, enterprises and Fortune 500 companies around the world.

MiCloud Office

Our newest business communication solution designed for today’s workforce delivers business impact by starting where you do—mobile first. Coupled with unparalleled collaboration tools, your work will no longer be a location but an activity that can be tackled anywhere.

MiCloud Business

When you’re looking for that little extra to make everything come together, you’re looking for MiCloud Business. By bringing offices closer, providing award-winning customer experiences, and closing the gap on activity with a robust feature set, your communication will never be the same.

MiCloud Enterprise

Is your enterprise ready to start the move from legacy contact centers and communications to the cloud? Connect coworkers, customers and offices around the world with MiCloud Enterprise.