Quality Monitoring and Performance Evaluations

Co-nexus offers Performance Evaluation, a core component of the CXM CORE PACKAGE, features and functionality are superior to any other product in the industry. Supervisor can quickly and easy create custom web based grading forms through the CXM Grading Form Wizard embedded in the CXM interface. Do you want to weight by question? Section? Both? Not a problem for CXM. Supervisor can custom responses and weight questions to meet their specific business goals and needs. Furthermore, all grading forms include comment boxes for individual questions, sections and the entire form that stay with the grade for all eternity.

The Co-nexus solution leverages workflow automation to the lower the quality monitoring supervisors workload by over 50%! Never again will you need to search for calls to grade. The CXM application, based on your defined parameters and defined frequency will locate your most desirable calls for you and place them in a secure 'bucket' automatically. Now when you want to grade, all you need to do is click on your bucket and start grading. Scores will automatically be saved to the database so you can instantly run reports. Also, agents are instantly notified of their scores VIA the Agent Portal (CXM Coaching), were they can review their grades, listen to the graded calls and receive testing and training materials that were automatically pushed to them by the CXM Solution based on their score.